850.000 €
Property description

The Vila is located in South Crete in the village of Vori, north of archaeological site of Phaistos, 10 minutes from the sea of Kokkinos Pyrgos and 1 hour from Heraklion airport.

The climate of the region is mild Mediterranean with a warm winter, sunny summer days and enchanting nights. The introverted traditional settlement in southern Crete, hosts so a two-storey house addressed to a family with specialized needs and alternative everyday life. The study was based on climatic conditions, minimum visuals and levels of the natural soil of the plot. On the basis of two vertical axes of operation, one was created. orthonortic grid from which the final structure of the Building. We result in three building volumes suitable placed so that the resident feels that he is living in a small neighborhood. A stone volume emerges autonomously through the natural landscape of the plot leaving the other two to evolve and touch his as additions. The character of the house is island-based, with small openings that are counter-metrically located and in combination with the invasion of the liquid element (pool) inside create transparency. The entire dwelling is embraced with a strict fencing that creates introversion and excludes any visual to the inside, while from the inside they are left visuals evolve outwards. the outer walls have built with a 5-10 degree inclination inwards to reduce the optical volume technique used by the ancient Greeks on the Acropolis. In the proportions of the house has been observed the "gold rule" (f) for excellent aesthetic result.

The materials that have been used are industrial flooring, wood, forged cement, stone, metal and glass. The frames of the building are differentiated from each other depending on the material with the which adjoin, while with care they have been used architectural elements such as the dome and the dome, which they operate with an echoicustic role in space. With high safety standards, materials selected from all over the Europe and Germany, furniture designed specifically for premises of the house by people with knowledge and patience, underfloor heating and cooling with an extensive solar system, heat pump, and oil boiler.

The house has all the modern technologies of wired, wireless, satellite networks in all areas and safety systems — alarm systems which discreetly provide comfort and security to the inhabitants of the house; Master bedroom Large bedroom with living room, courtyard and direct access to pool. Special, comfortable and cool for special and pleasant stay. Bioclimatic design with lawn on the terrace. Bedroom — children's room with large wardrobe and courtyard. Bioclimatic design with lawn on the terrace. Bedroom of particular aesthetics — children's room, stone-built with wooden floor ceiling and windows, with its own yard. Bedroom — guesthouse of particular aesthetics with traditional furniture of Crete and a fireplace for a special atmosphere. Great kitchen and fully functional for everyone who likes to cook and enjoy the food. High aesthetics Italian construction and German technology make it enjoyable staying and working in this place. Here is the music control center for the entire ground floor (kitchen, living room, bathrooms, swimming pool Courtyard with stone table and built barbeque with wood Oven next to it in the kitchen. Ideal place for winter afternoons and for summer evenings of Crete. Dining room and living room in an open plan carving frame with a dome and dome conceivably separated by a hanging fireplace. With all the audiovisual media but also visual to the natural environment and the water element. Music hall (as we call it) is the place where the Their resident home can experience the art of cinema and music in an artistic environment living a unique experience. Technology is combined with high aesthetics stone-built space in a magical combination. Roof with perspectives to the Villagers of Crete and a view of the sea. Office fully equipped with modern technologies for seamless and comfortable work; There is a full kitchen for alternative use and service of the floor. Infinity pool with 3 levels of depth, 2 jacussion and special aesthetics with sea stone bottom. Works with natural cleaning from a sand filter, with natural disinfection by electrolysis salt without the need to use chemicals; The temperature kept ideal for 5 months, the water is heated by extensive solar heating system and there is provision for heating throughout time. Large family bath simple line, Minoan earthy colors and Perfumes! (green soap in the masonry) and soundtrack for relaxation and well-being constantly. A smaller wc on the ground floor and one (in different colors) on the ground floor and one (in different colors) on the ground floor and one (in different colors) on the ground floor. Floor.

The basement includes: Wine cellar and food warehouse or other alternative use. Utility room (independent studio with wc) Laboratory with tools, mini gym, control centers and communications and security . The engine room. For Sale, detached, Full Bathrooms: 4, Half Bathrooms: 2, Living Area: 380 Sqm, Rooms: 4, Year Built: 2017, Holiday Home, Price: 950000, Air Conditioning, Swimming Pool, View, Balcony, Furnished, Fireplace, Garden, Internal Stairs, Penthouse, Playroom, Secure Door, Solar Water Heating, Alarm, Storage Space, Floor Number: Ground Floor, For Commercial Use, Facade, Pets Allowed, Satellite Receiver, Attic, Awning, Airy, Bright, Kitchens: 2, Joinery: Synthetic, Floor Type: Wood, Lot Size: 987 Sqm, Accessible For Disabled, Levels: 1, Heating Controller: Autonomous, Heating Medium: Thermal Accumulator, Road Type: Asphalt, Zoning: Residential, Investment, Heating Under Floor, Energy Class: Ap, Orientation: Se, Current: Three Phase, Balcony Area: 120, Distance Sea: 5

General features
Price: 850.000 € Structure rate:
Land squareage: 985 sq.m. Building squareage: 385 sq.m.
Zoned: YES Distance from sea: 4000
Inclination: Levels Energy category: Α+
Building features
Type: House Year built: 2017
Floors: 0 Levels: 2
Interior features:
Bedrooms: 4 / Living room: 1 / Kitchen: 2 / Bathroom: 4 / WC: 4 / Air conditioned: YES / Furnished: YES / Frames: Aluminum / Double pane windows: YES / Fireplace: YES / Floor type: Tile / Heating:
Exterior features:
Garden: YES / Verandas: YES / Land appearance: 985 sq.m. / Veranda: YES / Frontal length:
Additional features:
Storage: YES / Solar system: YES / WC: 4 / Pool: YES / Direction: / View: YES / Unfinished: NO / Needs renovation: NO / Corner: YES / Under construction: NO


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